Culips Christmas Party

Thanks for turning up for the Christmas party everybody. For those who missed out, there is always next time! We had a blast. In fact, I think we had over 90 people hanging out, singing and partying all together in my apartment. It is always nice to see that sort of fun, pleasant vibe. I made more »

Culture: Christmas

Here is your Culips Christmas episode! This time we are trying a new format, with three distinct categories for you! We discuss Christmas Greetings, funny Christmas traditions and Harp’s worst and best presents from past Christmases. Most people learn the basic Christmas vocabulary so we wanted to offer you something a bit different. Have you more »

How do you end emails? – Standard & Creative Ideas

Are most of you out there writing emails in English? Are you getting bored with ending your emails the same way all the time? Well, then this episode is for you! Here we discuss which email endings are appropriate and when to use them. We also give some fun ideas on how to be more more »

Will you find a crush at our Christmas Party?

Hey everyone! We are just getting everything ready for our Christmas Party tonight! If you are in Montreal, check out the details in the previous blog entry and come join us. Santa is coming! I also wanted to post a little video for you. This week’s episode was about the word “crush” or “to have more »

The Ballet – The Nutcracker

    The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas ballet and I had wanted to watch it since I was a young girl. This last weekend I finally had the chance to go and I was not disappointed. It was an amazing show. I would recommend the ballet to everyone out there who has a chance more »

Have a crush on someone

Have you had a crush on someone?

Have you ever had a crush? At some time in your life, you have probably had a crush, someone who you liked in a special way. This week, Maura and Robin are talking about the expression, “to have a crush on someone”. They also look at other ways that you can say that you are more »

The Culips Christmas Party

We are having a Christmas Party! Our Halloween party was such a success, we hope this party will be just as good! This time the theme of our party is Christmas, of course, as we move more into the holiday season. We are going to have tons of Christmas decorations, some Christmas music and even more »

Interview: Jessie is on the Spot

Introducing Jessie! Jessie is joining the Culips team and will be helping us host future episodes. We cover the basics, how long she has been in Montreal and what she is doing here. Jessie also worked as an English teacher in South Korea, like Harp. In this episode, they both talk about their experiences teaching more »

Word of the Year

As I was signing into my email today, I noticed an eye-catching article about language that I thought I would share. Merriam-Webster online dictionary anncounced its Word of the Year. At this time we start to hear a lot of “best of the year” in any and every category. This year’s winner of Word of more »

Idiom: Out of it

How are you feeling today? Are you a bit out of it? Here we look at a common expression for not quite feeling awake or present. Maybe Canadians are always sleepy because we use this expression often! Learn about it and similar expressions in this episode. Maura: Yeah, a lot of people are out of more »

Winter…not yet

Today is a cold day in Montreal. We have had pretty mild (not too warm and not too cold) temperatures so far this fall, but winter is coming soon. (And yes, I know I post about the weather often, but I am obsessed!) We will be getting snow any day now (very soon). I found more »

Culture: Kisses In Canada

Everywhere around the world there are different customs for greeting. Here in Montreal you can often see people kissing each other on the cheeks. So what is normal here? And what is normal for Canada? In this episode, Robin and Harp kiss and tell! Harp:So today’s question is from Asami who is originally from Japan, more »

Interview: Marcus is on the spot

We want to introduce you to more of our friends in Montreal! In this episode, Harp chats with Marcus about his travels, learning languages and coming to Montreal. He speaks 4 languages and has a tour company for international students. Check him out here! Harp: Yeah, now I also heard from Maura that you are more »

The aftermath

The Halloween party was a hit! We had tons of international students come out and celebrate Halloween in costume. Thanks for coming and we all hope you had a great time. Check out the pictures on our homepage! This week’s episode is the Catchword “Wasted”. This is especially appropriate because we just had our party more »

Slang: I’m so wasted.

Have you ever been wasted? It is a slang word for something that is fun and important if you are going to a lot of parties. Check out Robin’s story below and see if you can guess what wasted means. Harp : So I feel like you need to tell me about the last time more »