Hump Day!

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Hi Everyone,

I hope this week has been going good for everyone. It has been very nice for me. This week I have had some friends visiting from my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. It has been very fun showing them the sites of Montreal. This weekend my boyfriend and  I are planning on meeting up with our friends in Quebec City to visit some of Quebec that I have not visited before. Hopefully I will have some nice pictures to post here next week from the weekend.

Today was what many people refer to as Hump Day. This is a funny expression that is used in Canada which I will try to explain clearly. For most people the work week is Monday to Friday, typically people enjoy their time off from work and they look forward to the weekend. Since Wednesday is the half way point of the week people are happy when it is finished because that means the weekend is coming up soon. If you imagine a small hump or hill and Monday and Tuesday are like walking up the hill, Wednesday is the top of the hill and after Wednesday is finished it is all easy walking to the weekend. The hump of the week is finished.

Even though I really like my job and I enjoy working, it is always fun when the weekend is coming closer. This weekend is a long weekend because Monday is a holiday so that is even more exciting.

I hope you all had a good hump day!


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  1.' Juan says:

    Hi there:

    We think the same way in Spain. When the hump day is finished you are thinking about the weekend unless you usually work the weekend.

    Kind regards.