Happy New Year

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! In some places midnight has already passed…Happy New Year too you! As I write this, in Montreal the party has yet to begin. The weather was super cold a couple days ago, but luckily it has warmed up and is currently only -5! People are ready to get bundled up more »

youtube English

If you read this blog, you may have noticed that I like to post videos. I love finding new and interesting videos online. Do you often visit youtube? Do you view the youtube site in English? The other day I was looking at youtube.com and I started thinking about how bad the English as on more »

Countdown to 2010!!!

At Culips, we will be taking a short break to rest and relax during the holidays. In this break we will be featuring a countdown of our Top 4 most popular episodes. Also during this short break we will be preparing to gear up for some exciting new changes, including a new website design and a forum for you to discuss your English questions.

Expression: Corny

Sometimes movies are corny, or music is corny. It is a fun adjective that can describe just about anything. A synonym for corny is cheesy, and it has nothing to do with cheese! Check out this episode to hear our corny examples. Harp: Corny. Jessie: I like it. Harp: I like it as well. Jessie: more »

Expression: Down-to-earth

Are you a down-to-earth person or do you often have you head in the clouds? Are you realistic and sensible or are you a dreamer? In this episode we look at expressions used to describe people. Armando sent us a question about the expression down-to-earth and we decided to dedicate an episode to it and more »

Indian Summer

Once again I’m going to blog about the weather. I know, I know, I’m a bit obsessed with the weather. I talk about it all the time, but it’s just so wonderful right now that I have to talk about it! Montreal is in the middle of an Indian summer. “Indian summer” is an informal more »

Expression: To be caught red-handed

When people commit crimes sometimes they get caught! That person may be caught in the act of doing it, and if you are caught in the act then we can say that you were caught red-handed. Another similar expression that is almost never used in a serious way is to be caught with your hand more »

Expression: All talk (and no action)

Do you talk about doing something but never do it? Then other people might be saying that you are all talk. People can be all talk at work, or they can be all talk about some plans they have for their future. Do you think that being all talk is a good thing? Harp: Yeah, more »


Last week was my birthday and it was an exciting one as I got to meet and interview my favourite new Canadian artist. When I was in Vancouver in the summer, I heard a song on the radio and it caught my attention right away (make sure you all check out the episode where Maura more »

Expression: Wing it

At Culips, we plan our episodes in advance, we don’t just wing it. You can be specific and say that people can wing presentations or speeches, or you can simply say “wing it.” When you are not prepared, but you have to do something, you should try winging it. Maura: Let’s give a dialogue example, more »

Where The Wild Things Are

There is a new movie that comes out today in Canada called Where The Wild Things Are. It is based on a children’s book by Maurice Sendak. This was a book that I read as a child, but it was actually published in 1963. If you want to know more about this book you can more »

Travel: Vancouver

Are you one of the lucky people who has been to Vancouver? Do you know much about Vancouver? We have been getting emails from YOU asking us to tell you more about Canada. Harp and Maura both visited Vancouver this year and are really happy to tell you about it. It is a very beautiful more »

Expression: Handy

Are you handy? Yes, this little expression is connected to hands and your ability to use yours well. Handy can be used to talk about a person or thing, but it is used a little bit differently. It is very handy to know many English expressions, so listen to this episode to learn another one! more »

Train rides

I think every kid is fascinated with trains. My nephew loves taking the train and creating toy trains. Since I was young I have wanted to take the train, especially through the Rocky Mountains, from Edmonton to Vancouver, but I never had the chance. When I started traveling overseas at the age of 21 I more »

To bite off more than you can chew

If you bite off more than you can chew things might be difficult for you. This expression might sound like it is talking about eating but – don’t be fooled – it is not. Another expression with a similar meaning is to get in over your head. You can use both of these expressions when more »