Exclamation Marks!!!!

Hello!! Today is the last day of our Book Giveaway contest. If you still want to enter the chance to win a free copy of Culips’ new book, English Q & A (in English and Japanese), look at the blog post below and make a comment. As I was looking back at the previous post and more »

Learn English idioms and slang: To put your foot in your mouth

Sometimes we embarrass ourselves by saying something stupid. You can say, I embarrassed myself by saying something stupid or you can say I put my foot in my mouth. In this episode we look at that expression and also to make a fool of myself. Both of these expressions are used for embarrassing behaviour. Listen more »

Expression: Off the hook

Have you ever been in trouble? If you have been in trouble, then you have probably wanted to be out of trouble too! In this episode we look at expressions that mean out of trouble, like off the hook and in the clear. Listen and find out how we use them! Maura: OK, so let’s more »

Introducing Moheb Soliman to you!

Moheb is joining the Culips team and helping us create an online writing course (We will let you know as soon as we start taking students!), so we wanted to introduce him to you. We talk a bit about his interesting experiences in Egypt, the U.S. and Canada. Can anyone hear a difference between the more »

Culips Announcement and CONTEST!

We have some exciting Culips news to tell all of you about!     We’ve just published a Culips book in Japan for Japanese English learners! The book is available now, both online from Amazon.co.jp and in bookstores across Japan.   Our book, called English Q and A, takes our Curious Question Episodes and puts the more »

Expression: To push someone’s buttons

Of course we all need to push some buttons to turn on a computer or our MP3 players. But to push someone’s buttons has a very different meaning from that literal meaning. In fact, it’s usually not a good idea to push someone’s buttons! In this episode, we look at three expressions, to push buttons, more »

Montreal Music TV!

Summer in Montreal is the time for festivals. We have already had our biggest festivals, the International Jazz festival and the Just for Laughs Comedy festival. Right now the festival for French music, Francofolies, is taking place in the streets of downtown Montreal. There are also many smaller festivals happening all the time in Montreal! Recently more »

Expression: Mum’s the word

If you want to tell someone to keep something a secret or promise to keep a secret for someone else you can use this expression: mum’s the word. At first it seems like a strange expression…mum is the word? Weird. But you will see it is not so complicated when we explain the possible origin more »