Catch Word #40 – To put your foot in your mouth

Sometimes we embarrass ourselves by saying something stupid. You can say, I embarrassed myself by saying something stupid or you can say I put my foot in my mouth. In this episode we look at that expression and also to make a fool of myself. Both of these expressions are used for embarrassing behaviour. Listen to this episode to hear our examples of situations most people consider embarrassing.


Expressions included in the learning materialsembarrassed

  • To put your foot in your mouth
  • Likely
  • Regret
  • Congratulations and How many months are you?
  • To offend someone
  • To make a fool of yourself
  • To find out
  • To be indiscreet
  • To be tactless
  • To speak out of turn

Sample transcript

Maura: Today’s expression is to put your foot in your mouth. It’s a long one.
Harp: Yeah, I like this one as well. So, this is to put your foot in your mouth.
Maura: Right. So the meaning of this expression is to embarrass yourself by something you that you say.
Harp: And this can also make others uncomfortable or embarrassed too.
Maura: Right! So you say something stupid or strange and it creates an uncomfortable situation.
Harp: Yeah. If you imagine trying to actually put your foot in your mouth, it would be embarrassing, and make you look stupid.
Maura: Yeah, I think for most people it would be a very difficult thing to do, to put your foot in your mouth.
Harp: Exactly!
Maura: So, the result is really the same. In both cases, whether you say something stupid or you try to put your foot in your mouth, you are embarrassed and you look stupid.

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