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Here are some expressions used in my blog!

To get out of shape – To become unhealthy

To hit some weights – To lift weights; to exercise with weights

To get back into the swing of things – To get used to a routine

To have a lot on your plate – To be very busy

Downtime – Free time

You know, recently I’ve been feeling a little out of shape.  I haven’t been hitting the gym as much as I’m used to.  What’s worse, I’ve been eating really late and buying things that probably aren’t so good for my health.  It’s just been one of those stressful periods, I suppose, where I have so much on my plate that I can’t manage to sit down and have a proper meal.  If I’m not at work, I’m at school.  If I’m not at school and I’m at home, I’m doing my homework or working on something. There never seems to be any downtime in my life.  I really just can’t wait ’til things slow down. When I have time I’m going to go back to the gym and hit some weights and try to get back in shape.  Sometimes, it takes a few weeks to get back into the swing of things when I start working out again, but after about a week or so, my body adjusts and I get a pretty good routine going.

So what kind of junk food do you eat when you’re busy? I would love to hear about your routines as well. Hope you guys will post some.  I’ve got to run for now. Take care Culipsers.

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  1. ayamelarab@yahoo.com' Salim says:

    When I’m busy,I don’t eat a lot…some Pizza,or some sandwiches because i have the habit to eat at home.But,a few days ago i had a food intoxication and i nearly passed.So,from now and on home made food or nothing…

  2. rock.akhtar@ymail.com' rockahtar says:

    Hi culips team i am new listener of culip and i found that your’s podcast is very good and best as compare to other podcast and easy well my name is nayeem akhtar i am from india and i want improve my English in India most of people have very good English but some people like my they shy to speak English because we did not study from good school so our base is note good and clear but i learn a lot and want learn more from your podcasts i want to thanks to you for a wonderful podcast .
    and one think i want to say to you that your new podcast come very late please make new podcast twice in a week so that help more and one more think please free of cost as you can becase we are student we don’t have enough money i defiantly join the lipserivse one day when i have money
    i like most catch word and curious questions but little boring chatterbox .
    hi harp how are you me Indian your voice is very good your from Punjab ,i very happy to hear Indian i listen your pod cast your journey to Indian a lot . i am live in Delhi whenever you come India please meet me and please come with Maura ,jassie mam also Maura mam also has very good voice i most like to hear Maura mam pod cast but sometime what robin sir say i didn’t understand and Jessie mam your always suffer from cold mam you look smart and sexy & young teacher compare to other i love it .
    you all of as do a great job wonderful
    may good bless you
    harp mam please reply me and sorry did lots of mistake because my English is not good you know that please come to another visit India
    bye take care
    Sat Sri Akal (: ??? ???? ????, sati ?r? ak?la)


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