Interviewing Adam Hoyt

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Aadam_HHarp recently had a chat with Adam, a friend of Culips, when he was staying in Montreal. Adam currently lives in Japan and was back in Canada for a short time visiting before returning to Japan. While he was here we talked to him about his experience overseas and what he misses about Canada when he is away. His answer might surprise you! It surprised us!

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Harp: I heard that you’re allergic to fish.
Adam: Yes, I’m allergic to fish.
Harp: So you can’t eat sushi.
Adam: Unfortunately, no.
Harp: That’s too bad, you can’t eat sushi there.
Adam: No.
Harp: What kind of food do you like? What do you eat there?
Adam: I like soba and I like teriyaki, yakitori. Yakitori is like barbequed chicken on sticks. So even though I can’t eat fish, there are a lot of options. It’s not a big problem.
Harp: OK, that’s good. There’s lots of other good food you can eat. OK, now Adam, when you’re in Japan, what do you miss about Canada?
Adam: I definitely miss my family and friends but I also miss my favourite restaurant.
Harp: What is your favourite restaurant?
Adam: It’s actually Shish taouk.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Adam Hoyt

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  1.' jerry Wang says:

    hi guys,great job!let me remember what i did in WHOLEFOODMARKET in LA ever before.I still miss the past time i spent in there,it is so impressive ,even though i already get back to China.

  2. Maura says:

    Travelling is great! I miss it too!

  3.' khalid says:

    Thank you guys very much for your lesson , it’s been informative , and could you tell me about an Arabic restaurant over there in Canada .

  4.' MJ says:

    Hi there,It’s fantastic .I’ve just found your website and I could say it’s very useful.I’ll keep an ear out to the next program


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