Catch Word #58 – Gut, Guts, gutsy, a gut feeling

In this episode we are looking at the word guts and gut. They look similar but they have quite different meanings! Which one means a big, fat belly? There are also other related expressions like to follow your gut or to have a gut feeling. We can also describe someone as gutsy. Listen to this episode to hear all the explanations to the ways you can use gut!

Expressions included in the learning materialsguts

  • Guts
  • Intestines, internal organs
  • Belly, abdomen, stomach
  • A gut
  • Beer belly
  • To stick out
  • Guts
  • Gutsy
  • To make up your mind
  • To have a gut feeling
  • To go with your gut/To follow your gut
  • Something is off
  • Deep down

Sample transcript

Harp: Yeah, so today we’re gonna do a Catch Word podcast and that’s where we’re gonna take one word and we’re gonna break it down, we’re gonna give you different ways of how to use it, with examples, we’re just gonna break down a word for you. Now Jessie, what’s the Catch Word for today?

Jessie: Today’s Catch Word is guts.

Harp: Guts.

Jessie: Yeah, it’s a short one but it has a lot of different meanings.

Harp: OK, what does guts mean?

Jessie: Well, I think the most common meaning for the word guts is what’s inside your belly, what’s inside your abdomen, your internal organs.

Harp: So your stomach, your intestines, all of those. That’s your guts.

Jessie: Exactly, so inside of your abdomen you’ve got your guts. Now that’s not a medical term. A doctor wouldn’t say that but it’s kind of a slang term for all the organs inside of your stomach area.

Harp: Yeah, there are a lot more specific different organs but the general term we can call guts.

Jessie: Exactly.

Harp: Now guts is a small word – G-U-T-S – but an even smaller word is gut, GUT. What is a gut Jessie?

Jessie: If you say gut it has a different meaning. It means your belly, the whole thing. And usually when you say gut, you’re implying that it’s a big belly.

Harp: So after I eat a lot of pizza, my stomach’s sticking out; I have a big gut.

Jessie: Right. Sometimes people who drink a lot of beer develop a really big gut and it’s so common there’s even a special term for it.

Harp: Yeah, a beer belly.

Jessie: Yeah, a beer belly or a beer gut.