Chatterbox #23 – The Early Bird Special!

In this episode Maura is again joined by our friend Rita. Maura and Rita discuss a couple expressions to do with time: The early bird catches the worm and Carpe Diem. They also talk about how important being on time is in Canadian culture and what happened to them when they were too late for something! (If you don’t know who Rita is you can check out her previous episodes with us by clicking here or here.)


Expressions included in the learning materialsearlybird

  • Proverb
  • The early bird catches the worm
  • The early bird special
  • Sweet
  • Deal
  • Give or take
  • Love technology
  • There are two sides to every story
  • Fashionably late
  • To make an appearance
  • In full swing
  • To throw a party
  • A regular old bash

Sample transcript

Maura:  So if you’re throwing a party in Canada and you want it to start at 9 o’clock, don’t expect any guests to show up at that time. They’ll probably start showing up closer to 10 o’clock.
Rita: I agree, if you want them there for 9:00, you better say the party starts at 8:00.
Maura: Yup, that’s true. But you made a good distinction Rita, and that was about the dinner party.
Rita: Ah, yes, the dinner party.
Maura: That’s different than just a regular old bash.
Rita: Absolutely, somebody is in the kitchen preparing a meal. They’ve purchased food and they’re making it and timing it, you definitely want to be there on time for dinner.

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