Catch Word #61 – Pumped up

Everyone at Culips is especially pumped because the summer weather has arrived in Montreal. So, we thought we would make an episode all about feeling excited and full of energy! Here we look at the expressions of pumped up, fired up, stoked, and worked up. We are talking about being enthusiastic, energetic, and excited in this episode. Yeah!

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To be pumped (up) / to get pumped (up)
  • To go away
  • Would
  • To fire up / to get fired up
  • To look forward to (something)
  • To be stoked
  • To work up  / to be worked up
  • To clap your hands


Sample transcript

Maura: Yeah, so don’t forget to check out that stuff. Now, what is the expression? What is the word we’re going to look at today?

Harp: Today’s expression is pumped.

Maura: That’s a fun word to say: pumped.

Harp: Pumped.

Maura: Right. So you can use the word pumped to describe a person. Like, Harp, are you pumped today?

Harp: I am pumped today!

Maura: Good. So what does that mean, to be pumped?

Harp: To be pumped means to be excited, to be enthusiastic about something.

Maura: Yeah, so you’re really excited, you’re happy about something, you’re pumped.

Harp: Exactly. I’m pumped about this episode.

Maura: Me too. So, with this word you can say pumped or you can also say pumped up.

Harp: Exactly. Maura: And it has the same meaning.

Harp: Yeah, I’m pumped about this episode. I’m pumped up about this episode.

Maura: Yeah, so it’s up to you. If you like the word up, you can say pumped up too. What’s something that maybe you’ve been pumped up about recently Harp?

Harp: Well I’m going on a holiday very soon so I’m pumped about that.

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