Cross-Cultural Relationships: An interview with Melanie

MelaniePlease meet our friend Melanie! She is a native English speaker who learned French from a very young age. She traveled to Lyon, France where she met her partner Christophe, who is a native French speaker. In this episode, Maura and Melanie discuss the fun and the challenges of being in a relationship where the two people don’t speak the same language or come from the same culture!

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Maura: So, what do you think are some possible advantages or disadvantages to being in a relationship with someone who’s from a different culture or who speaks a different language from your native language?
Melanie: Well, at the beginning it was hard to express myself in a second language the way you want to express yourself to somebody that close to you. But then over time, as I got more comfortable with the language and more comfortable with Christophe, I found that expressing myself wasn’t as difficult and my French probably improved. Now actually I tend to speak to him only in English, which helps him improve his English, while at the same time allowing me to express myself as I would normally.
Maura: Yeah, so sometimes, and I know from my experience, when you’re dating someone who speaks another language you have a problem being clear sometimes. Like, you have to use really simple words to express yourself or you have to repeat the same thing more than once.
Melanie: Definitely there’s a lot of repetition.

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