Cross-Cultural Relationships: An interview with Melanie

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MelaniePlease meet our friend Melanie! She is a native English speaker who learned French from a very young age. She traveled to Lyon, France where she met her partner Christophe, who is a native French speaker. In this episode, Maura and Melanie discuss the fun and the challenges of being in a relationship where the two people don’t speak the same language or come from the same culture!

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Maura: So, what do you think are some possible advantages or disadvantages to being in a relationship with someone who’s from a different culture or who speaks a different language from your native language?
Melanie: Well, at the beginning it was hard to express myself in a second language the way you want to express yourself to somebody that close to you. But then over time, as I got more comfortable with the language and more comfortable with Christophe, I found that expressing myself wasn’t as difficult and my French probably improved. Now actually I tend to speak to him only in English, which helps him improve his English, while at the same time allowing me to express myself as I would normally.
Maura: Yeah, so sometimes, and I know from my experience, when you’re dating someone who speaks another language you have a problem being clear sometimes. Like, you have to use really simple words to express yourself or you have to repeat the same thing more than once.
Melanie: Definitely there’s a lot of repetition.

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  1.' Bettina MIQUAIX KELLER says:

    Hi Maura, thanks for this interessting interview. I feel concerned by this topic. I’m German and when I went to France years ago I couldn’t speak french at all. I met my boyfriend who becomes later my husband it was very difficult. Everyday I had a headache. Today I have no problem anymore but since two years I’m passionate by the English language. Today I’m older and it’s much more difficult to learn a foreign language. I enjoy podcast and now it’s easy for me to understand. Reading and writing also helps me a lot to improve. to be able to speak, I think the best way is to go to the country where English people are. I’m struggling much more as with French but I’m sure that one day I’ll speak much better!
    Have a nice day…

  2. Maura says:

    Yes, I agree that the best way to learn another language is to go to a place where they speak it – a total immersion! Learning another language can be so difficult but having a partner who speaks the language you want to learn can help. I am still learning French…sometimes it feels so hard!

    Thanks for listening!

  3.' davis says:

    hi , there , thanks for the good hard work .

  4. cultural…

    […]Cross-Cultural Relationships: An interview with Melanie | Culips ESL Podcast[…]…


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