Expression: are you on the ball today?


To be on the ballIn this episode we look at expressions that describe someone who is intelligent, prepared, capable of doing some work! Do you know someone like this? Do you know someone who always seems on the ball? If you know someone who is alert and knows how to get the job done, then you may need to use expressions like, to be on the ball, to be on top of it, and to have it together.

Maura Jessie


Jessie: So where does this expression come from? Why do we say that?
Maura: Well, it actually does have an origin in baseball, and there are actually a lot of expressions related to baseball.
Jessie: Yeah, there are tons.
Maura: So this expression, to be on the ball, is also related to baseball. So when a pitcher throws the ball in baseball, really well and has good control, they would say that he was on the ball.
Jessie: OK, so originally to be on the ball meant to be in control of the ball but now we mean it to mean, to be in control of your life, to be in control of the situation.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Laura Bittner

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