Expression: to have a ball

Have a ballMost people learning English know the word ball. We can use it in a few different ways though, and it is used in many expressions! To have a ball describes a fun time! In this episode we have a ball giving you examples and explanations. We also included similar expressions like, to have a blast, to have a riot, and to have the time of your life!

Robin Harp


Harp: Robin, how was the concert yesterday?
Robin: Incredible. The music is still in my head. I had such a ball. I had a real good time.
Harp: That’s awesome. So the band was great?
Robin: It was amazing. You would’ve had a good time.
Harp: That’s too bad that I missed it.
Robin: It is.
Harp: Next time. So in that example, Robin went to a concert and had a really fun time. He had a great time so he used the expression to have a ball.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Dom Sagolla

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