Chatterbox #25 – Weather

Harp and Maura love talking about the weather and so they devoted a whole Culips episode to it! They talk about weather-related terms and share memories they have connected to the weather. If you want to make small talk about weather, listen to this episode for some tips!


Expressions included in the learning materialsweather

  • To make small talk
  • Apps
  • you and I v.s. you and me
  • Bundled up
  • To make the best of (something)
  • To cross your fingers
  • To get it out of the way
  • Least favourite
  • To dress up
  • To come to mind
  • The power goes out
  • Weather-related expressions There are so many expressions and terminology related to weather! Here are the ones that we mentioned and a few others.
    • blizzard or snow storm snowy snow fall overcast or cloudy (and this can happen in any season) rain or rainy mild muggy or hot and humid chilly cool cold

Sample transcript

Harp: I think people like to talk about the weather because it’s an easy, simple topic. So it’s easy to make small talk about it.
Maura:  You’re right. So when people are making small talk, when they are talking with someone they don’t know very well or even a complete stranger, they know that they can talk about the weather and that people will have something to say about it.
Harp: Exactly. When I’m in the elevator sometimes and someone gets on, and I don’t know them, but I feel awkward if we’re just in silence, I’ll bring up the weather. I’ll say something like, “Oh, it’s a beautiful day out there,” or “When is the rain going to stop?” or “Oh, it’s so cold.”
Maura: Yeah, yeah. That’s funny ‘cause I thought of an elevator as well. I think the other day someone said something to me about the weather.

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