Talking about the weather with Harp and Maura

WeatherHarp and Maura love talking about the weather and so they devoted a whole Culips episode to it! They talk about weather-related terms and share memories they have connected to the weather. If you want to make small talk about weather, listen to this episode for some tips!

Maura Harp


Harp: I think people like to talk about the weather because it’s an easy, simple topic. So it’s easy to make small talk about it.
Maura: You’re right. So when people are making small talk, when they are talking with someone they don’t know very well or even a complete stranger, they know that they can talk about the weather and that people will have something to say about it.
Harp: Exactly. When I’m in the elevator sometimes and someone gets on, and I don’t know them, but I feel awkward if we’re just in silence, I’ll bring up the weather. I’ll say something like, “Oh, it’s a beautiful day out there,” or “When is the rain going to stop?” or “Oh, it’s so cold.”
Maura: Yeah, yeah. That’s funny ‘cause I thought of an elevator as well. I think the other day someone said something to me about the weather.

Expression included from this episode in Lipservice:

Small talk Apps you and I v.s. you and me
Winter sports To be bundled up To make the best of it
To cross your fingers Weather-related expressions Least favourite
To get it out of the way To dress up To come to mind
The power goes out Snow day Canada’s winter

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Culips ESL Podcast

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