The World of Dating: Are you seeing anyone?

Dating Are you single or dating someone? Are you in a relationship, but remember your days of dating? This is a fun episode with Harp and Maura talking about dating in North America. They talk about dating rules, some of their own experiences, and review from dating vocabulary. Is finding a romantic partner different in your country?

Harp Maura


Harp: …So those are some traditional ways where we find people to date.
Maura: Right, but more and more people take classes, and they work, and of course they have friends, but they still don’t find someone that they want to date or be in a relationship with.
Harp: Exactly. So there are some new ways that are coming out to find people to date.
Maura: Yes, and they’re on the Internet.
Harp: Exactly. There are a lot of dating websites out there now.
Maura: Yeah, there are so many — I don’t think I can even count them.
Harp: No, I agree.
Maura: So more and more it’s become normal for people to use dating websites to find someone to go on a date with.

Expression included from this episode in Lipservice:

The Dating World Set rules To decide on
To come out Out there Speed dating
To set up/To be set up To keep an eye out To break up
To date someone To see someone To go out with someone
Partner To make up To get back together
The bill split it 50/50 every single one
The 3-day rule

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Rachel Davies

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