Chatterbox #26 – Dating

Are you single or dating someone? Are you in a relationship, but remember your days of dating? This is a fun episode with Harp and Maura talking about dating in North America. They talk about dating rules, some of their own experiences, and review from dating vocabulary. Is finding a romantic partner different in your country?


Expressions included in the learning materialsdating2

  • The Dating World
  • Set rules
  • To decide on
  • To come out
  • Out there
  • Speed dating
  • To set up/To be set up
  • To keep an eye out
  • To break up
  • To date someone
  • To see someone
  • To go out with someone
  • Partner
  • To make up
  • To get back together
  • The bill
  • split it 50/50
  • every single one
  • The 3-day rule

Sample transcript

Harp: …So those are some traditional ways where we find people to date.
Maura:  Right, but more and more people take classes, and they work, and of course they have friends, but they still don’t find someone that they want to date or be in a relationship with.
Harp: Exactly. So there are some new ways that are coming out to find people to date.
Maura: Yes, and they’re on the Internet.
Harp: Exactly. There are a lot of dating websites out there now.
Maura: Yeah, there are so many — I don’t think I can even count them.
Harp: No, I agree.
Maura: So more and more it’s become normal for people to use dating websites to find someone to go on a date with.

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