Catch Word #68 – Moolah

In this week’s episode, we talk about money. First we review some slang terms for money, and then we talk about the popular names for our coins – have you every heard of the loonie? We also look at a couple more expressions to do with making money: the breadwinner and to bring home the bacon. Listen hear to learn about Canadian dough!


Expressions included in the learning materialsloonie

  • moolah
  • dough
  • bread well
  • loot
  • list of slang terms for money
  • penny
  • nickel
  • dime
  • quarter
  • vice versa
  • images on the coins in Canada
  • loonie
  • twoonie
  • bill bucks
  • the breadwinner
  • to bring home the bacon

Sample transcript

Maura: You might hate money or love money, but you have a feeling about it and you use it. Yeah, and in English there are so many slang terms for money.
Robin: So many.
Maura: Yeah, but we’re going to mention a few of the more popular ones.
Robin: And to start with, what do we have?
Maura: Well, one of my favourite slang terms for money is moolah.
Robin Moolah.
Maura: Yeah, like, “Robin do you have any moolah?

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