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Maura and Paul

Paul Kerrison is a friend of Maura from England who was visiting North America for the first time. In this interview you get to know Paul, and hear about his American adventures in New York City and the Independence Day celebrations he attended. You’ll also hear about Paul’s impressions of Montreal.
As Paul is from England, you have a chance to compare the Canadian and British accents when listening to this episode. Paul and Maura also discuss slang differences between England and North America.

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Maura: So what did you do after your time in New York?
Paul: So after New York, I headed to western Massachusetts, to a town called Greenfield to see my friend’s family and experience Independence Day in America, which was a first for me.
Maura: Yeah, I’ve never experienced Independence Day, but I imagine it would be pretty huge over there.
Paul: Yeah, they have lots of flags out in the street and there’s a big festival in the town square with fireworks, and stores with candyfloss, and clams, and roasted chestnuts, the usual kind of festival stalls. We spent the day preparing for it, getting food for the barbecue and making different types of salads, like potato salad and green salad, and then we sat out on the lawn and waited for his family to come round, which was like 20 members, and all his friends as well from high school. And then in the, there was like a square green park and a mountain at the top with like a high tower, and the fireworks were set off from there at about 10 o’clock at night.

Expression included from this episode in Lipservice:

On air Independence Day
Massachusetts JFK
High Line Meatpacking district
Heat wave Sunscreen
Coney Island Too much hassle
Candyfloss Guy Fawkes
To be taken back Taco Bell
Legendary Cuppa
Chinwag Can-do
To throw a party -ify

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Paul Kerrison and Maura Smith

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