Catch Word #70 – To butter someone up

Have you ever needed something from someone a lot? Maybe you needed someone to do something for you so much that you buttered them up first. Do you know someone who is a sweet talker and often gets what they want? Or would you kiss someone’s butt? In this episode we give you lots of examples of things people might say to get someone to do something for them. There’s a lot of flattery!

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • to butter someone up
  • sounds like budder
  • in the hopes that
  • I’m good, I’m good
  • brings out the colour in your eyes
  • a raise
  • about to
  • in return
  • recipe
  • it is delicious
  • he was a sweet talker
  • to flatter
  • compliment
  • to mean it
  • to sweet talk
  • a sweet talker
  • to get away with
  • to be on good terms with
  • to kiss someone’s butt
  • butt

Copyright: Audio/Study Guide: Culips

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