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In this episode we are talking about expressions used to mean that you like something or someone. We look at the popular expressions to be into or to be crazy about something or someone. We also look at to be big on something or to be a big something person. Instead of saying that you really like or love something, try using some of the expressions in this episode.

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Harp: So if you’re into something then it means you like the thing, for example the dinosaurs, but if you’re into someone, that means you have a romantic interest in them.
Jessie: Exactly. Should we do a dialogue?
Harp: We should.
Jessie: Hey Harp, how did the date go last week?
Harp: Umm. It went really well. It was really fun, but he hasn’t called me yet.
Jessie: Oh, it’s been a whole week?
Harp: Yeah, one whole week. He must not be into me.
Jessie: I don’t know, maybe you’re just not his type.

Expression included from this episode in Lipservice:

To be into something To be into someone
Besides A whole week
A type He’s just not that into you – book and movie
To be big on something A big (noun) person
Public displays of affection To give someone the creeps
To carry on To make out
Get a room! To be crazy about something
To be crazy about someone

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Illustration: Asami

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  1. tiong7787@gmail.com' tiong says:

    Hi, now I am into the hosts Harp and Jessie because I am crazy about their voices, so pleasing, so clear, so sweet, so attractive, so……..

  2. daliaragaa@hotmail.com' Name Dalida says:

    Hi, I’m into your podcasts so much cause it’s so interesting , funny and full of new vocabulary and expressions. Actually I found your website by chance as I’m interesting in enhancing my fluency . so I was wondering If some could give me a hand in that matter.


  3. Jessie says:

    Thanks for you kind note! Have you listened to our episode about the idiom “to butter someone up”?

    If not, you can find it here: http://esl.culips.com/2010/09/would-you-ever-butter-someone-up/

    I think you’re sweet talking Harp and me with your compliments!

    Thanks again and have a great day!

  4. saadiakhadija@hotmail.com' saadia says:

    im into your job,it s great

  5. saadiakhadija@hotmail.com' saadia says:

    i like your work very well and i am into it. i hope to learn more with you

  6. albert.85@live.com.mx' Albert says:

    Hi Culips team my name Albert I’m from California. I’m really into your podcasts,and I’ve listening to a lot of them. I have a question for you. In this podcast Harp said “in this example I’ve went on a date” is not better to said”I’ve gone on a date” I’m confused could you please explain this

  7. Harp Brar says:

    Hi Albert,
    Thanks for your email! You’re completely correct Albert, it was my mistake. “I’ve gone on a date” is correct. Thanks so much for pointing out this error, we’re working on correcting it right now.

    We try very hard to maintain a high level of quality at Culips ESL podcast, which is why we always listen to the podcasts ourselves. Sometimes, very rarely we hope, we miss something small but important.

    We think it’s important to keep Culips podcasts natural, so we don’t use word-for-word scripts. And sometimes on the show, just like in real life, we slip up!

    Thanks again for pointing out my mistake.

    As always we, love hearing from our listeners. Are there any expressions or topics that you would like to hear about in future podcasts? Send us another quick email if you can think of anything you’d like to learn more about and we’ll try to do an episode on it.



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