Baby talk

Baby TalkBabies are special little people that have vocabulary special to them. In this episode, we look at vocabulary for before the baby gets here, when the mother is in labour, and after the baby is born and starts to grow. Do you know what a onesie is? Are you afraid of the terrible twos?

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Harp: You know something funny that I saw one day in the winter last year, I saw a woman with a stroller and it had skis on it.
Maura: I saw that too.
Harp: Yeah, because we have so much snow in the winter that if you have wheels on a stroller, you’re gonna be stuck. So she had skis and she was just floating along, on top of the snow.
Maura: I thought that was so awesome when I saw that.
Harp: Genius!
Maura: Yes, and definitely necessary on the streets in Canada.

Expressions included from this episode in Lipservice:

Coochie choochie coo and goo goog ga ga A baby shower
A coworker A crib
A stroller A due date
A natural delivery An epidural
A water birth A midwife
to give birth nursery
how to refer to an unborn baby – him, her, or it Genius!
A sleeper or a onesie Booties
Baby’s first words Cutesy
The terrible twos A toddler
To throw a tantrum Max.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Suedehead

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