Word Blends like fantabulous, ginormous, and frenemy

Canadian ESL PodcastLanguages are always evolving and changing. Here we look at a pretty modern trend in English, which is to make new words by blending two words together. Sometimes these two words have similar meanings, and sometimes they have opposite meanings. Check out this episode and chillax (chill and relax)!

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Maura: So we take fantastic and fabulous, put them together and we make fantabulous.
Harp: You know, I didn’t know this would be in the dictionary.
Maura: I know. I was surprised too.
Harp: ‘Cause I use this word all the time, but I used it in a fun way, not thinking it’s a real word.
Maura: But it is.
Harp: Fun! Fantabulous.
Maura: Yeah, great. So let’s give an example for this word too.
Harp: OK. Maura, did you end up going to that show last night?
Maura: I did, Harp. It was fantabulous. It was so fun, so entertaining.

Expressions included from this episode in Lipservice:

Word blends Ginourmous
Chocolate chip National park
Merriam-Webster Fantabulous
‘cause all the way
chill and chill out Chillax
To take it easy Frenemy
Staycation Bennifer and Brangelina
Culips To take credit

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Asami

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