Catch Word #103 – A light bulb moment

We hope that everyone has some bright ideas in 2012! This episode it about coming up with new ideas and having realizations, and the expressions we can use to talk about this. Of course, we’re always brainstorming at Culips to come up with new ideas for episodes, and now you can learn about expressions like […]

Chatterbox #64 – Looking back – 2011

Happy New Year! Today we’re bringing you an episode where we look back at the past year at Culips and also forward into 2012. (The year 2012 can be said as two thousand and twelve or twenty-twelve.) In this episode, Harp and Maura talk about changes in their lives this year and their plans for […]

Chatterbox #63 – Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! We know we’re early this year, but we wanted time to get you in the Christmas spirit. This holiday season, Harp and Maura look at Christmas over the years, talking about their own Christmas traditions and how things change as we grow up.

Pronouncing the words should’ve, would’ve, must’ve, and could’ve

Hello Culips listeners! We recently received a great question from one of our listeners in the United States. Luis’s first language is Spanish, and he was wondering about how native English speakers pronounce the words should’ve, would’ve, must’ve, and could’ve, which are contractions of should have, would have, must have, and could have. It can […]

Chatterbox #62 – Public speaking

Most people feel nervous about public speaking, and it’s a difficult thing to do in any language. Greta, one of our listeners, suggested this idea for an episode and we went with it! Harp and Maura talk about their own experiences with public speaking and also share some advice on how to do it well. […]

Catch Word #102 – Starting from scratch

Here’s another Catch Word episode! This one focuses on expressions with the word scratch. We look at to start from scratch, to scratch the surface, and to make something from scratch. Scratch in these expressions talks about starting at the beginning, often when you don’t have much knowledge or many skills. This episode does more […]

Kelly and Maura

Chatterbox #61 – Meet Kelly

Here’s an interview with our friend Kelly. She helps out behind the scenes at Culips, so we thought we’d use an episode to introduce her to you! Like all of us at Culips, she’s not originally from Montreal. In this episode, we talk about her hometown, which is in the province of Saskatchewan. We also […]

Catch Word #101 – Tightwad

No one likes to be thought of as cheap, but some of us just don’t like to spend money. Harp and Maura are two of these people! This is an episode about slang terms for people who are always saving their money. Most of these expressions are considered rude, so be careful how you use […]

Catch Word #100 – You are what you eat

No matter where you are in the world, it’s important to be healthy. This episode looks at some expressions that people use to inspire and remind themselves and others to eat healthy food and to exercise. It may be tough, but there are all kinds of things you can do to stay motivated: Get friends […]

Catch Word #99 – To bite the dust

This is a fun episode about slang for to die! Of course, all these slang terms for dying are not meant to be used about anyone or anything we really care about, because that would be disrespectful. But people do use these terms to talk about things or strangers, and these expressions are very commonly […]

Chatterbox #60 – Parents

When you were young, did your parents give you an allowance? Did you have a curfew? Parents always want the best for their kids, but raising a child is not always easy.

Chatterbox #59 – Canada

This podcast is Canadian! People all over the world know a little bit about Canada, but how much do you really know? We’ve finally put together an episode about some famous Canadian people and things. Listen to Harp and Maura talk about famous Canadians, Canadian inventions, and all sorts of other things we’re known for. […]

Catch Word #98 – Mooch

Does it bother you when someone is always asking you for things and always taking from you? It really bothers some people, so much so that we even have special verbs to talk about it: to mooch, to sponge, and to bum. In this episode, we’re talking about the people who like to borrow from […]

Catch Word #97 – Working like a dog

Many people try their best and put in a lot of effort at work or school. This week, we’re talking about expressions that mean to work hard. You can work like a dog, work your butt off, or put your nose to the grindstone. As usual, we give you lots of examples and teach you […]

Chatterbox #58 – Who has to go to the bathroom?

This week at Culips, our episode is about a topic that most people don’t really like talking about. We finally decided to talk about going to the bathroom, including how we talk about it in Canada and other details, like what a restroom looks like over here. Harp and Maura do their best to teach […]