Before Christmas people are shopping for presents to give to their loved ones. After Christmas people shop to find things for themselves on sale. Some people love to go to the mall all the time and others like to stay away. In this episode Harp and Jessie talk about their different attitudes toward shopping. They also discuss the different kinds of shopping people do and the names of places where people do this shopping.

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Jessie: What would you say is your biggest guilty pleasure when it comes to shopping?
Harp: Umm … It’s definitely a toss-up between shoes and purses.
Jessie: I think that’s a common guilty pleasure among North American women in general.
Harp: Yeah. I have so many pairs of shoes and I just can’t stop. And really, do I need a purse in every colour? But somehow, when I’m shopping, I convince myself I do.
Jessie: OK. So, we’ve already mentioned a few different kinds of shopping: there’s clothes shopping and grocery shopping; Christmas shopping, when people shop for presents for their family and friends; back-to-school shopping, when you’re buying all of your supplies for the new school year. And actually, back-to-school shopping is one kind shopping that I don’t mind. When I was in school still, I always found it was really fun to go and buy my pencils and pens and all my school supplies. And we usually did it at the end of August, right before school started
Harp: I know! And you would get all the pencil crayons in all the different colours and it was so exciting; everything

Expressions included from this episode in Lipservice:

Oldies but goodies To drag myself
A chore To try on
A love-hate relationship Back-to-school shopping
A guilty pleasure A toss up (between)
A department store The West Edmonton Mall
A thrift store/second-hand store/
vintage store/flea market
A treasure hunt A garage sale/yard sale
Online shopping Paypal

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Roger Price

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