Don’t cry over spilled (spilt) milk

Spilled milk
It is always good advice to accept things in the past that you cannot change, and that’s what this episode is all about! Don’t cry over spilled milk is an expression that warns against being stuck in the past too much. As usual, we look at different situations when you can use this expression. We also look at its origin, and find some similar expressions.

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Maura: Oh man, I can’t believe we lost the basketball game. It was the last game of the season. Man! It was all my fault.
Jessie: Maura, don’t be so hard on yourself. It wasn’t your fault.
Maura: No, it was all my fault. I had the ball, I should’ve passed it, but I didn’t, and now we lost, and I can’t believe it.
Jessie: Well, I think it could have happened to anyone. But even it if was your fault, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. You made a mistake, but you can practice and the next game you’ll do better.
Maura: I don’t know. I’m still so depressed. So, in that example, I definitely was upset about the basketball game and I didn’t want to move on. I was really upset with myself.
Jessie: Right. And even though I didn’t think you should be blaming yourself in the first place, I also didn’t think you should be crying over spilled milk, regretting something that’s already in the past.

Expressions included from this episode in Lipservice:

Don’t cry over spilt milk – negative To go back in time
To move on To be upset with yourself
To be hard on yourself Potluck
Spilled vs. spilt No weeping for shed milk
What’s done is done The past is the past

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Culips ESL Podcast

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