Who doesn’t love a good book?

In this episode we are talking about books! Harp and Maura review some of their favourite books and talk about why they love them. You’ll also hear about different kinds of books, book-to-movie-adaptations, and e-books, the latest trend in books. Do you read novels in English?

*Some of our listeners asked about speaking even faster. In this episode Maura and Harp sometimes speak faster than our other episodes. How do you like that?

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Maura: I also like to read when I’m commuting. Now, right now, with my job, I don’t commute and I can’t read on the way. But in the past when I took the bus to work I really liked to read on the way there, especially if it was a good book because it just made the time enjoyable and pass really quickly.
Harp: Yeah, I do that every day, I take my book with me on the bus and the metro and it makes the time go by so fast. Now Maura, let’s go to our next topic of book to movie adaptation.
Maura: There are so many great books that have been turned into movies and it almost seems like a trend lately that Hollywood is taking books and making movies out of them.
Harp: Yeah, definitely. And I think that there are varying degrees of success. I think there are so many movies from great books, but the movie isn’t really good.
Maura: People always talk about that too. After there’s a movie made about a book and many people have read the book, they always ask, “so, was the movie better than the book or was the book better than the movie?” and I would say almost all the time, people enjoy the book better than the movie.
Harp: One hundred per cent, I agree with you. It is very rare for me to see a movie after I have read a book and think the movie is better than the book. I can think of a couple of examples, but typically I like the book better..

Expressions included from this episode in Lipservice:

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To have my hands on To turn off
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To be not a big fan A page-turner
To put the book down Lit
A must-see E-books
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