Another Canadian Winter

Another Canadian winterIt’s March, and winter is still not finished in Montreal and Canada. Since Harp and Maura love to talk about the weather they decided to devote an entire episode to discussing it. They talk about all the things people do during winter, how snowbirds try to get away from it and how others hibernate! It is also important to participate in lots of outdoor activities, because sometimes you have to embrace it!

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Harp: We’re gonna break it down into escaping the winter.
Maura: And then we’re gonna talk about hibernation, which means staying inside during the winter.
Harp: And then we’re going to talk about enjoying the winter.
Maura: Yes, which is also important. So first we should clarify what a Canadian winter is like.
Harp: Yes, because surviving winter in Canada is tough business.
Maura: Right. Many countries have winter, but the temperature doesn’t get quite as cold as it does here. Now depending where you are in Canada, the temperature is a bit different, but in winter, the temperature is almost always below zero.
Harp: Yes, and usually quite a bit below. Minus 10, minus 15, but many times it goes to minus 20 or minus 25.
Maura: Oh, minus 20. It makes me feel cold just talking about it. But you’re right. It’s always below zero and often much below zero.
Harp: Yes, I remember one time in Edmonton, for a full week, it was about minus 40.

Expressions included from this episode in Lipservice:

Tough business Below zero
Winter wonderland Snowbirds
RV To drive down
Till All-inclusive resorts
Hibernation to bear
You see/I have to say/To be honest The West Edmonton Mall
Montreal’s Underground City The ice hotel
Jasper Skating on the Ottawa Canal

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Illustration: Culips ESL Podcast

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