Catch Word #83 – I’m dead tired

Have you ever felt exhausted at the end of a long hard day and just wanted to go to bed? Today’s episode looks at expressions to say that you are very, very tired. There are so many ways we can say in English that we’re very tired, and here we chose the most common ones. Listen in and learn as we explain some expressions you can use to say that you’ve slept well after you were so tired.

Expressions included in the learning materialsbeat

  • To be dead/to be dead tired
  • To be beat
  • To be pooped
  • To be tuckered out
  • To be knackered
  • To be tired out
  • A whole bunch/a couple
  • To sleep like a log
  • A pull-out bed
  • To sleep through the night

Sample transcript

Maura: And today’s expressions are ways to say that you are tired.

Harp: Yes, different ways of saying that you’re very tired.

Maura: And then we’ll also tell you some expressions you can use to say that you’ve slept well, so after you were tired and went to sleep, how you can say that you had a good sleep.

Harp: All right, so let’s start with slang ways to say that you’re really tired.

Maura: Right. Well first of all, you can say I’m dead, which means you’re really tired.

Harp: Yeah, I’m dead tired, or I’m dead.

Maura: Yeah. You can say either of those and it means you’re really tired. You could also say that you’re beat and this, again, is another slang way that we say we’re really tired.

Harp: Yeah, to say that you’re beat means you’re really tired, you’re really exhausted. It’s a slang way of saying it.

Maura: Right. So, let’s give a dialogue example with this slang.

Harp: OK, let’s do it.

Maura: So, Jane, how’re you feeling today? How was work? Harp: I’m beat.

Maura: I guess you had a hard day at work.

Harp: I’m so tired. I feel dead tired right now.

Maura: Well, are you gonna go to bed? Harp: I have to. I can’t do anything else. I’m so tired. Maura: OK, well, goodnight.

Harp: Goodnight.

Maura: OK, so there’s one example when you could say that you’re dead or you’re beat. But of course you can use it any time you feel tired: in the night, in the morning, in the middle of the day.