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housing Buying a home can be a very different process depending on where in the world you would like to buy one. Find out about buying one in Canada is like! Harp talks about buying a home in this episode, and discusses types of homes and how to pay for it. Would you like a condo or a house? Do you want to live downtown or in the suburbs? And don’t forget the housewarming party!

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Maura: So are you thinking about buying a brand new place, or an older home?
Harp: You know, I’m thinking of buying a condo that’s a fixer-upper.
Maura: Oh cool. So you wanna buy an older condo and then make repairs and upgrade it?
Harp: Yeah, exactly. Fix it and do some repairs and hopefully in a couple years, I’ll flip it.
Maura: OK, so you’re going to resell it and try to make some money.
Harp: Exactly, I’m hoping.

Expressions included from this episode in Lipservice:

The down payment To be in the market
Condos A fixer-upper
To flip a property Starter home
Mortgage A lump sum
To pay off Wants versus needs
To talk someone out of it A big step
Nerve-wracking To stick with/to
To make yourself at home A housewarming party

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Simon Carrasco

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