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small talkThere are so many different kinds of conversation to have! Small talk is the simple kind of conversation that people often have with others that they don’t know very well. In this episode, we give examples of what you can talk about to break the ice, and how people strike up a conversation in different places. And did you know that Harp is secretly shy?

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Maura: First of all, we should say that small talk conversations can happen pretty much anywhere…anywhere that you meet a new person or you run into someone that you know a little bit.
Harp: Or when you’re in a place that’s small with someone you don’t know, but it’s just one person, or two people, like in a small elevator.
Maura: Right. So an elevator is one situation where it happens maybe more often than other places. So in an elevator, I find people talk about the weather.
Harp: Definitely. That’s what I talk about.
Maura: Usually when I’m in an elevator, I avoid eye contact because I don’t think we need to talk in an elevator, but if people talk to me, then it’s usually something like, “hey, it’s really hot out there.”

Expressions included from this episode in Lipservice:

Small talk Icebreakers
Outgoing Brand new
Eye contact Mingling
To be closed off Public transportation
To run into someone The water cooler
Segue To be swamped
Nerve-wracking To stick with/to
A question machine The Montreal Canadians

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Michael Berenz

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