Catch Word #84 – Bounce Back

The expressions in this free Culips episode are used to give good news! They focus on recovering and being in good condition after a bad period. If a person or thing experiences a negative time they can bounce back, get back on their feet, or pull through. Listen to the examples, describing the recovery of a failing economy or a friend’s health.

Expressions included in the learning materialsbounce

  • To bounce back
  • Nice and green and healthy
  • Not to bounce back
  • She’s – She is or she has
  • To get back on your feet/to be back on your feet
  • To leave someone
  • To get your life back together
  • To pull through
  • To make it
  • ICU
  • The paper
  • Water cooler
  • To rock

Sample transcript

Harp: To bounce back is to recover quickly back to being in a good condition or in good health.
Maura:  Yeah. When we use to bounce back, it usually means that it happened quickly and easily, so for example, one day you’re sick and then next day, you’re healthy again.
Harp: Exactly.
Maura: So, we can use these expressions to talk about people or groups of people or things, really anything that can be in a bad condition and then go back to being in a good condition.
Harp: Yeah. I have a plant and it was in rough shape last week, but I gave it some water, and it’s bounced back, and it’s nice and green and healthy.
Maura: Oh, plants are good at bouncing back, if you take the time to take care of them, Harp.
Harp: Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of plants that didn’t bounce back but this one bounced back.

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