Embarrassing Moments!—Culips English Podcast

embarassingThis episode we’re talking about moments that people usually don’t like to talk about – their embarrassing ones! We go over some things that embarrass most people, like flying low. Then we discuss how people react to the moments, like turning red or brushing it off. The last things that Maura and Harp talk about are a couple of their embarrassing moments. They make for great stories later!

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Harp: Today we’re going to talk about embarrassing moments.
Maura: Embarrassing moments.
Harp: The funniest is that we started this episode with an embarrassing moment from you.
Maura: Yeah. We just recorded another episode and while we were recording, I was sitting kind of strangely on this little bench we’re sitting on and I fell over. I lost my balance. But I wasn’t that embarrassed because everyone here is a friend. I would be more embarrassed if I was with strangers.
Harp: No, exactly. We all just laughed it off.

Expressions included from this episode in Learning Materials:

Embarrassing! To laugh it off
To be flying low To do up
Goofy To play it down
Booger To pass gas/to fart
To burp A dead give away
To turn red Beet red
To get away with it To make fun of someone
Winter boots inside

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Chris Fane

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