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outspace Outer space is fascinating. Throughout history, human beings have looked up at the stars and wondered just what was out there. In this episode, Harp and Maura chat about a variety of topics relating to outer space. Would you like to take a trip to Mars? What if it were only a one-way trip and you could never come back? Check out this episode to hear Harp and Maura discuss their opinions on the topic. You’ll also hear what they think about aliens, UFOs, and conspiracy theories and learn some great space-related idioms. And best of all, you’ll get to hear Maura sing!

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Harp: Let’s look at some space-related idioms.
Maura: So, the first one is Are you from Mars?
Harp: No, I’m not from Mars. I’m from Earth.
Maura: So, you might get asked if you’re from Mars, or ask someone if they’re from Mars, if they’re very strange and bizarre, doing things differently than how most people do.
Harp: Yeah. I think kids use this expression the most.
Maura: Yeah. But again, with this, you wanna make sure you ask a friend or someone you know. You don’t say this to someone you don’t know very well, because it could be rude then.
Harp: Yeah, and don’t ask your boss.

Expressions included from this episode in Learning Materials:

Outer space Space travel and space tourism
The adventure of a lifetime A one-way trip/A return trip
Conspiracy theories Fishy
The Apollo program Astronomy
The Big Dipper and the Little Dipper To pick something out
The moon cycle UFOs
Aliens Who knows?
Are you from Mars? Out of this world
Reach for the stars Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Futurilla

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  1. HadiMeshkini@Yahoo.com' Hadi says:

    Hello again you wonderful online teachers!
    Hope you’re all having great time with your life.
    It was one of the fantastic chatterbox I’ve listened to. By the way would you mind doing a Catch word episode about the word “Freak” and related idioms with it? If it’s possible, Call Robin as well to take part in this episode, I missed him a lot!
    Thank you again,
    bye bye

  2. marcela_icm@yahoo.com.br' Marcela França says:

    Guys, You’re fantastic!!! or…Out of this world (thanks for teaching me this expression).

    I just Downloaded the MP3 and everyday I lissening you while Im going to my work by bus. This podcast was really funny! I didnt know you could sing so well!!!kkkkkkkkk…congrats!

    Thanks for the support once again,


  3. hmsxb752@yahoo.co.jp' anonymous says:

    Thank you for teaching us. I really like this podcast.
    I couldn’t understand “reach for the stars”. So what does this mean?

  4. alfontanas@hotmail.com' Alfonso Antanas says:

    Hello my favorite hosts : Maura and Harp!

    After hearing that I should go to your website Culips.com I decided to do it and I’m here!
    I wanted to thank you, because you’ve changed my life, really, Every day I listen to you and I’m so happy, I’m learning English in a fun way, thanks thanks thanks a lot, I really love you, and you already knew that haha, by the way, I’m so into astronomy and Space, I must say, aliens exist, have you ever heard, about Base dulce? it’s the real place where aliens and people from U.S goverment work together, Area 51 is only a distration, so that’s it, people and humans work in an underground base, located in Archuleta Mesa, Colorado, New Mexico, so Thanks for improving my English, love you <3


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