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To get something off your chestHave you ever had something that bothered or worried you, that you couldn’t stop thinking about? Sometimes the best thing to do in that situation is to get it off your chest. In this episode, we’re talking about feelings. If you need to have an honest conversation with someone about how you feel, you could have a heart-to-heart. It’s always a good idea to open up!

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Maura: So it’s a touchy-feely episode. It’s a sensitive episode, where we’re looking at expressions that people use when they’re talking about sentimental, serious things.
Harp: Yes. So the first expression today is to get something off your chest.
Maura: Yes. To get something off your chest and this expression means to talk about something that’s been bothering you or worrying you. So if you get something off your chest, it means that you talk about something that’s been on your mind a lot.
Harp: Yeah. To get something off your chest you speak with another person, in order to feel better afterwards, because you’ve been worrying about something, something’s been bothering you.

Expressions included from this episode in Learning Materials:

You don’t know what you’re missing Touchy-feely
To get something off your chest To be on your mind
To weigh you down Jerry Springer
Vase pronunciation What’s done is done
What can you do? To go for it
To have a heart to heart To bring a tear to your eye
To open up (to someone) Skeletons in the closet

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Robert Fornal

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