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mi casa es su casaIn this episode, we’re doing something a bit different: We’re looking at expressions we use in English that aren’t actually English! English speakers often use certain words from other languages as if they were English. Here, we choose just four, from German, Spanish, French, and Japanese. If you speak any of those languages, please don’t be offended by our pronunciations!

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Maura: OK, let’s move on to our next expression. The next expression is from the Spanish language and, again, our pronunciation’s not gonna sound very good to anyone who speaks Spanish, but the expression is mi casa es su casa.
Harp: Yeah. Mi casa es su casa.
Maura: Yup. And to be fair, I really didn’t try to speak it in a Spanish accent. I tried to show you how English speakers would say it.
Harp: Yup. I would not say it with any accent, I would say it exactly how I said it. Mi casa es su casa.
Maura: Yeah. And, this expression literally means my house is your house. And so the expression is used when you have a visitor. You might say this expression to mean feel comfortable, my house is your house, act as if my house was your house.

Expressions included from this episode in Learning Materials:

Achoo Gesundheit
(God) bless you Mi casa es su casa
Make yourself at home Cupboards
Barbecue Déjà vu

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Mark Seymour

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  1. Lucaspitasp@gmail.com' Lucas says:

    Nice issue with those expressions from other languages. I am spanish, speaks french and living in Germany. Of course perfect french pronunciation, very well in spanish and ….. ok in german.
    Only to point that we usually use “mi casa es su casa” in Spain (Souththe most), but we use the informal posesive from second person (tu) not the polite one (su). It is like in french “tu, avec ton maison” and the formal way “Vous, avec votre maison”. Nothing similar in english, so we actually say “mi casa es tu casa”. We use the less formal way because if there is no confidence …you don´t offer your house.
    I love yur program…good luck!!

  2. laderon2@yahoo.com' Mark, Russia says:

    When you study English as a forign language you realize what a melting pot this language actually is. You know…words like CONTINUE or REGRET – they came from diffrent languages, although seem to be that English :-) and that makes this language so special indeed, I love the way you are allowed to pick up diffrent words depending on how you want to sound. That’s a great language.

  3. paparras@gmail.com' Pedro (Colombia) says:

    What a funny session!!! You girls can be now a Hollywood stars, it was a great performance! By the way, the expression “Mi casa es su casa” is perfectly spoken by you.

    Great podcast, great guests!

  4. epa.speak@gmail.com' Amir says:

    Sounds Interesting, it is time to add some Persian expressions.:)

  5. danielpersilva@gmail.com' Daniel Pereira says:

    I’m Brazilian and I´d like to know if you use some portuguese expression there??? It seens like no other country likes to speak our language (laugh). Here we speak a lot of English expressions, it´s normal.


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