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TVDo you ever watch English TV shows to improve your listening comprehension? Television can be a great learning tool, or if you’re not in the mood for thinking, it can also be a great way to relax and veg out! In this Chatterbox episode, we’re chatting about TV. You’ll learn about some basic vocabulary words related to watching TV, some recent trends in the types of shows North Americans watch and where they watch them, and even Harp and Maura’s favourite TV shows of all time! So turn off the television for a few minutes and tune in to Culips instead. Pass me the remote!

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Maura: Yes. Now, if you have a television, you probably have this other little device, which is the remote control, because, well, people are lazy. They don’t wanna get up to change the channel on the TV.
Harp: Exactly. They like to sit on their couch and change the channel from there.
Maura: Yeah. So that is called a remote control, but many people also call it the flicker.
Harp: Yes, the flicker or the clicker.
Maura: Yeah, so, sometimes people might call it a remote control, but they might just say, “Hey, pass me the flicker.”
Harp: Exactly.

Expressions included from this episode in Learning Materials:

The flicker/the clicker To channel surf
To veg out To strike your fancy
Rabbit ears Sitcoms
Talk shows Reruns
Primetime Reality shows/reality TV
ER To go on and on
Speaking of… To hold up

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Robert Couse-Baker

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  1.' Robert Holata says:

    Hi girls.
    Thanks a lot for this interesting podcast. I agree with you the chatterbox pods are the best in my view. I like learning English by watching TV. At first it was difficult to catch up evrything what is going on, but I persevered and now I am having really good time. My favourite are The Friends of course :-), the continuation Joey was somewhat different, but I liked it eventually. Another great was the sitcom Two and a half men. Californication is also awesome namely for its juicy slang :-). Now I am watching The big bang and cant stop laughing.
    Have a good time and keep doing these wonderful podcasts.

  2.' Shari.Q says:

    Hi , i’m kinda nervous here. This’s the first time i leave a comment on culips’ website though I’ve listened to your wonderful podcast for months. I love your podcasts! I live in Asia (Thailand) so I’ve never understood some western cultures. You guys help me understand more. Thanks for great podcasts!!

    Actually, It’s the movie and television stuff that drew me to English. I think it’s a great way to learn language. They give me new words,slangs etc. My all time favorite show is FRIENDS. I finished all of 10 seasons in less than a week. I didn’t know how i did that LOL. The show was funny though sometimes i didn’t get all the conversations.

    For now, I don’t watch anything regularly. The latest reality show i’d watched is The Voice. It was interesting show pretty deferent from the same kind of show and it was just over few weeks ago. At this moment, I’m waiting for new season of Bones. I’ve followed the showed for years.

    I Hope you guys have a lovely time. :]

  3.' Guilherme says:

    First, I would like to thank you for your podcasts. They are a very good way to learn natural-spoken English. However, I think they are too long. I also have a question: I receive some cable TV channels, wich transmit mainly news. How do you think I can learn English better by watching them?

    PS: Don´t be afraid of calling my attention to language mistakes in my comment!

  4. Maura says:

    TV is a super fun way to learn another language, and a great place to hear lots of slang and expressions. I like The Big Bang Theory too.

    Thanks for listening Robert!

    Culips Free Podcast

  5.' Tuyet says:

    Hi, Your podcast is really interesting to listen to. I like all the examples that include the expressions or phrases that you are teaching.
    Very useful learning activity. Thank you so mucccccccchhhh.

  6.' adrian sgarbi says:

    Dear Friends,

    Your podcast is great. But, to listen too many “Definitely” and “Exactly” is annoying.


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