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right on the money Harp had the idea for this episode when her friend used the expression to be right on the money. This episode is all about being right! Here we look at expressions that can be used when someone says something that is correct. Instead of just saying you’re right, learn some other ways you can express the same thing!

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Maura: OK. So our first expression today is to be right on the money.
Harp: Yeah. To be right on the money.
Maura: So, this is kind of a long way to say you’re right, it even has the word right in it.
Harp: Yeah, to be right on the money.
Maura: And this means that you’re right, what you said is true, it’s exactly correct.
Harp: Yup, whatever you said, it’s right, it’s true, it’s correct, it’s the real thing.
Maura: And there’s no room for debate on it. So, where does this expression come from?
Harp: You know, I was doing some research on this today and I thought it had to do something with sports or betting because it’s right on the money, and it is from sports. It’s actually from archery.

Expressions included from this episode in Learning Materials:

To be right on the money Archery
Isn’t she right on the money? A second thought
I would say A VCR
To hit the nail on the head To have a look
Musta Bull’s-eye
Darts Pictionary and charades

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: John Trainor

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