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This episode is about having secret plans or tools that you use at a specific time to help you get what you want. At different times in life, we may have something that we need to get and we have information or a strategy to help us get it! The expressions in this episode are all about that: to have something up your sleeve, to have a secret weapon, and to have a bag of tricks. Listen to our examples of how to use them.

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Maura: This expression could also be linked to magicians.
Harp: Oh, because they have the big robes and their sleeves are very long so maybe they’re hiding things there.
Maura: Exactly. So, magicians perform different tricks, for example, maybe they’re hiding some flowers and they make flowers disappear and then suddenly they make the flowers reappear and they keep it up their sleeve, so they pull out the flowers and impress the audience at the right moment.

Harp: OK. So now, to have something up your sleeve is not literal, it’s more just that you could have some knowledge or you could have some techniques that could help you do something.

Expressions included from this episode in Learning Materials:

To have something up your sleeve To make sense
To be a bump on a log To get out of something
Sneaky To have some tricks up your sleeve
Whadaya To have a bag of tricks
Secret home remedies To have a secret weapon

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Pascal

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