Catch Word #98 – Mooch

Does it bother you when someone is always asking you for things and always taking from you? It really bothers some people, so much so that we even have special verbs to talk about it: to mooch, to sponge, and to bum. In this episode, we’re talking about the people who like to borrow from others, but don’t return the favour! If you know anyone like this, you’ll love this episode.

Expressions included in the learning materialsmooch

  • To mooch/A mooch
  • A moocher
  • To pay back
  • To turn someone down
  • Puppy-dog eyes
  • Stomach noises, grumbling, growling
  • To get someone back
  • To sponge (off of someone)
  • To be in town
  • Big surprise
  • To bum
  • To chip in

Sample transcript

Maura:  I find this is a fun word to say. Mooch.
Harp: Mooch.
Maura: So, to mooch is to borrow something from someone and just take it, just take it and use it, and you’re not gonna offer them money for it. You’re not gonna pay them back at a later date. You’re not gonna give the thing you borrowed back to them. You’re just gonna take it.
Harp: Yeah. So you can mooch all kinds of different stuff. You can mooch a meal.
Maura: Yup, you could mooch money.
Harp: Mooch a ride.
Maura: Yup. Anything that you can take from someone you can mooch from them, really. And yeah, like we said, it’s not a good thing. When someone mooches, they directly ask the person for something, like money or food or a ride, or whatever. Now let’s give an example with the verb to mooch.

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