Catch Word #97 – Working like a dog

Many people try their best and put in a lot of effort at work or school. This week, we’re talking about expressions that mean to work hard. You can work like a dog, work your butt off, or put your nose to the grindstone. As usual, we give you lots of examples and teach you about how you can use these expressions.

Expressions included in the learning materialsworkhard

  • Back-to-school
  • To work like a dog
  • To pay off
  • To work your butt off
  • Slang for buttocks
  • To pull it off
  • That’d be fun
  • Dropping the g in ing
  • To keep your nose to the grindstone
  • Are you with me?
  • To be swamped
  • To have something on the go

Sample transcript

Maura:  To work like a dog means to work very hard.
Harp: Yes. So if you use the expression to work like a dog, that means that someone is working very hard, putting in a lot of effort.
Maura: Whenever we have an idiom with an animal, I always wonder, “Why that animal?”
Harp: And Maura, why a dog?
Maura: Well, dogs do work hard. And I’m not talking about the dogs that most people have for pets, but dogs that work, like a seeing-eye dog that helps people who are visually impaired or the dogs that pull sleds, they work pretty hard too.
Harp: Yeah, and police dogs work really hard too.
Maura: Right. So a dog that works, works almost all the time.

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