Catch Word #103 – A light bulb moment

We hope that everyone has some bright ideas in 2012! This episode it about coming up with new ideas and having realizations, and the expressions we can use to talk about this. Of course, we’re always brainstorming at Culips to come up with new ideas for episodes, and now you can learn about expressions like a light bulb moment, to dawn on someone, and to have a brainwave. Maybe you’ll even find some inspiration in this episode!

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • Out of nowhere
  • Bright/light expressions
  • To have a light bulb moment
  • To come up with something
  • To brainstorm
  • To come to you
  • To dawn on someone
  • To get gouged at the pump
  • To carpool
  • To have a brainwave
  • To take forever
  • Out of the way

Copyright: Audio/Study Guide: Culips

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