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light bulb moment We hope that everyone has some bright ideas in 2012! This episode it about coming up with new ideas and having realizations, and the expressions we can use to talk about this. Of course, we’re always brainstorming at Culips to come up with new ideas for episodes, and now you can learn about expressions like a light bulb moment, to dawn on someone, and to have a brainwave. Maybe you’ll even find some inspiration in this episode!

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Maura: So first we had a light bulb moment, and now what’s the second expression?
Harp: The next expression is to dawn on.
Maura: Right. To dawn on. And usually, you talk about something dawning on me or you, or a person. It dawns on someone.
Harp: Yes. And dawn is the time of day when the sun is about to rise and the sun starts rising for a new day.
Maura: So, it’s the same idea as a light bulb moment because there’s a sense of light. When the sun is rising, there’s a lot of sunlight and light really means knowledge or some brilliant idea. So when something dawns on you, it means that you have a new understanding or a new idea about something.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

(From) out of nowhere Bright/light expressions
To have a light bulb moment To come up with something
To brainstorm To come to you
To dawn on someone To get gouged at the pump
To carpool To have a brainwave
To take forever Out of the way

Podcast/ Learning Materials: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Satoru Kikuchi

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