Chatterbox #64 – Looking back – 2011

Happy New Year! Today we’re bringing you an episode where we look back at the past year at Culips and also forward into 2012. (The year 2012 can be said as two thousand and twelve or twenty-twelve.) In this episode, Harp and Maura talk about changes in their lives this year and their plans for the future. It’s the right time of year! They also reveal some of their favourite episodes and talk about what’s in store in Culips’ future. Keep listening and learning with us in 2012. And thanks for your support in 2011!


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  • To be in limbo
  • A big year
  • Our world
  • Fantabulous
  • To be someone’s rock
  • A pop quiz
  • To steal someone’s thunder
  • A back story
  • Garden-variety
  • Lucky you
  • ’Em First of all, second of all
  • To go down south
  • To skyrocket
  • To be a chicken

Sample transcript

Harp:   What ideas are you the most excited about for next year?
Maura:    Well, one episode that I was really happy with and really excited to do was the episode about blah blah blah.
Harp: Ha ha, yeah. The episode about blah blah blah.
Maura: Yes. And if you’ve never heard that, it might sound very funny, but it’s actually how people talk sometimes. Just last week, actually at work, I heard someone telling a story and they said blah blah blah and then they told a little bit more of the story and again they said blah blah blah in the same story. And I thought, “Great!” Because this is actually being used and we’re going to do an episode on this.
Harp: Yes, definitely. So stay tuned next year to hear this episode.
Maura: Yeah. This episode actually has blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, whatshername and whatshisname, and whatchamacallit. So it’s a really good one.
Harp: Whatchamacallit.
Maura: Yeah. What about you? What are you looking forward to in terms of Culips episodes?
Harp: Well, there’s gonna be a super fun and interesting episode about fears and what we’re afraid of.
Maura: I’m already scared for that one.

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