Chatterbox #70 – School

Here’s an episode idea we got from Daniel on Facebook. Thanks again for the suggestion! In this episode, Harp and Maura talk about elementary and high school in Canada, including sharing their own experiences. They also tell you about different names for types of students and use some natural expressions, as always. What’s school like where you’re from?


Expressions included in the Learning Materialsschool

  • A teacher’s pet
  • To bring in an apple for the teacher
  • A class clown
  • To get kicked out
  • A slacker
  • To hand something in
  • To doodle
  • To stare off into space
  • To come out of your shell
  • The dog ate my homework
  • To skip school/to play hooky
  • Wannu
  • A slumber party
  • Let me tell you

Sample transcript

Maura: In our episode today, first we’re going to talk about the different kinds of students that you might see in a typical elementary or high school classroom.

Harp: OK. And then we’re gonna talk about some classic scenarios.

Maura: And last but not least, Harp and I are going to share some of our own school memories from when we were in school.

Harp: And in this episode, when we say schools, we mean mainly elementary, junior high, and high school. Let’s get started.

Maura: The first thing we’re gonna look at is different kinds of students. Because there are kind of stereotypical students that you really do see in all different kinds of classes and you especially see these kinds of students in movies and TV shows.

Harp: Definitely. Whenever there’s a show that involves a school environment, there’s always each of these.

Maura: Right. So the first one is teacher’s pet.

Harp: Yes, a teacher’s pet.

Maura: And this is the kind of student who’s always interested in learning and always wants to get really, really good marks at school, which is a good thing. Right, Harp?

Harp: Definitely.

Maura: But other students can find it kind of annoying.

Harp: Yeah, ’cause this is the student that always answers the question, always puts his hand up, or her hand.

Maura: Right. And this kind of student is always trying to be really nice to the teacher because this student wants good marks.

Harp: Yes, definitely. This is the kind of student that brings in an apple for his teacher.

Maura: Exactly. And if you think of the actual name, teacher’s pet, well, a pet is like a little animal that’s your friend. So if you imagine this student is like this little pet to the teacher, always following the teacher around, always wanting to be beside the teacher, kind of loyal like a dog might be.

Harp: Yes.

Maura: So even from your own experience, thinking back to classes you’ve been in, you might be able to think of a teacher’s pet.

Harp: Or maybe you were the teacher’s pet.

Maura: Maybe. Now, let’s look at another kind of student.

Harp: Yeah. Another kind of student is the class clown.

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