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Sports in Canada, Culips English PodcastHere’s another episode requested by some of our listeners. The athletes out there were curious about sports in Canada. What sports do people play? Which sports are popular to watch? Is hockey really as popular as people think? In this episode, Harp and Maura answer these questions and tell you about their own experiences playing on sports teams growing up! If you’re not sure what lacrosse is, listen to find out.

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Maura: Another sporting event that’s very popular in Canada is the Winter Olympics, and that would be because we’re not so bad at them. We have a long winter, we have a lot of places to practice outdoor sports, and so the Winter Olympics are quite popular here.
Harp: Very popular. The Summer Olympics are popular, but we just don’t do very well in them.
Maura: You know, I have another theory as to why the Winter Olympics are more popular.
Harp: Because people are at home and cold and watching TV?

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

Like Soccer vs. football
The playoffs Hockey Night in Canada
Custom-made Lacrosse
To chow down & to pig out A jersey
A bookworm To push someone
To try out & to make the team Much to someone’s disappointment
To be benched Phys. Ed.

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