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With the Internet and social media, people are on computers and cell phones more than ever! This means that there are all kinds of new terms that have been created to describe all the new trends and innovations online, one of which you already know: podcast! Listen to this episode to learn some of English’s cutting-edge vocabulary.

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Maura: Those are some viral videos, and check out our Facebook page because we’ll post some of these videos this week so you can check them out. Now, another expression that has become popular recently is to say that something is trending.
Harp: Yes. If something is trending.
Maura: Yeah. So if something is trending, it means that it’s very popular online at the moment.
Harp: Yes. Something that is popular online, you could say something is trending.
Maura: And you know something is trending when a lot of people are talking about it on Twitter or people are making comments or posting about it on Facebook. Another way that we know something is trending is when a lot of people do searches for it. So it’s become a really, really popular topic to be searched.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

To swear To go viral
A viral video In a matter of…
To catch on A flash mob
To trend Twitter
A podcast This American Life
A blog/a blogger Brand recognition
Julie and Julia Religiously

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