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Fat Chance Culips English Podcast Sometimes there are things that are not likely to happen, and we’ve got a few expressions to talk about them! Have you ever dreamed of flying to the moon? Or maybe you hope that your boss will give you the day off tomorrow. Fat chance. Listen to this episode to learn a bunch of new expressions, including slim chance.

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Maura: So, there is an example where we use the expression fat chance. And this means that there is not a good chance of that happening.
Harp: Exactly. There’s very little chance that I’m ever gonna marry Brad Pitt.
Maura: Sorry to break it to you, Harp, but it’s true. There’s probably a very small chance and it’s almost impossible that you’ll marry Brad Pitt.
Harp: I would say it’s impossible.
Maura: So, that is how we can use fat chance. And like we said, we didn’t use fat chance in a sentence, we just responded to the idea of marrying Brad Pitt by saying fat chance.
Harp: Yeah, ’cause this is the student that always answers the question, always puts his hand up, or her hand.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

Fat chance To break something to someone
Nah A slim chance
Wish me luck A long shot
What’s going on? To cross your fingers

Podcast/ Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Photo: Culips

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