Catch Word #112 – To get dolled up

Here’s an episode about getting fancy! From time to time we all have to dress up for a special occasion, and so we may need to use these expressions. There are a few expressions we can use to talk about someone who is dressing more formally than they normally do. How do you feel about getting all gussied up? Or would you rather dress down?


Expressions included in the Learning Materials:To Get Dolled Up culips esl podcast

  • To dress/to dress up/to dress down
  • To get dolled up
  • Fancier/more fancy
  • The final touch(es)
  • To get all gussied up
  • A girls’ night out
  • To head out It’s a plan
  • You going for work?
  • To take someone up on something
  • To get decked out
  • Back in the day

Sample transcript

Harp: Today we’re going to do be doing a Catch Word episode and that’s where we take some expressions, we explain them, and we give you some examples.

Maura: That’s right. Today we’re going to look at expressions that are used to talk about people who are dressing up, which means that they’re dressing in formal clothing like ball gowns or just dresses and suits, for men, or tuxedos.

Harp: Exactly. Today we’re going to talk about when people dress up.

Maura: Right. So, our first expression is to get dolled up.

Harp: Yes, to get dolled up.

Maura: I’ll say it one more time, slowly: to get dolled up.

Harp: Yes. So this expression means when someone dresses up a little fancy, either they wear a dress, or if they’re a guy they wear a suit, they dress a little bit fancier than they normally do.

Maura: Right. And, like we said, it could be a suit or it could be a dress, but really you could this to talk about anyone who is dressing more fancy than they normally do. So if someone always wears ripped jeans and dirty shirts, just wearing some nice, clean, new clothes might be enough to use this expression.

Harp: You don’t have to be wearing a ball gown to use this expression.

Maura: Right. Especially for women, they do their hair and they do their makeup, but for guys too, they might get a haircut or do their hair a special way. They might also pay extra attention to shave their face.

Harp: Yes, definitely.

Maura: When I think of this expression, to get dolled up, I always think of dolls.

Harp: Yes, exactly. Because for a doll, you can dress them up and put new, fancy clothes on them.

Maura: Right. And dolls normally look pretty and cute, so I make that connection when I think of this expression.

Harp: Yeah, definitely.

Maura: So to get dolled up means that a person has gotten dressed in a more fancy style than they normally wear.

Harp: Yes.

Maura: So this expression, to get dolled up, has some variations. What I mean is you could also say to be dolled up. We’ll go more into that in our Learning Materials.

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