Chatterbox #72 – Here’s Michael Gilday!

In this episode, Maura interviews Michael Gilday, a Canadian short track speed skater. She asks about what it’s like to prepare for the Olympics, and they also talk about Michael’s hometown of Yellowknife in the north of Canada and his experiences learning French. Have you ever seen the aurora borealis? Would you like to find out how learning French helped Michael in speed skating? Listen to this episode to hear all about it.

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • To strike up a conversation
  • To compete head to head
  • Etc.
  • To never turn back
  • A lick of
  • A perk
  • Choices
  • Canadian stereotypes
  • The aurora borealis (the northern lights)
  • Yellowknife
  • To screw up
  • To broaden your horizons
  • To happen overnight
  • So-and-so
  • To not take any prisoners
  • Across the board

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