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Let’s go to work! You can listen and relax while Harp and Maura talk about trends in the workplace in Canada and the US. You’ll learn about things like casual dress at the office, free gym memberships, and other perks. They also talk about current trends in changing jobs and going back to school. This episode will make great water cooler talk!

Maura Harp

Harp: Yeah, definitely. It’s important not to be a workaholic and spend 60, 70, 80 hours in the office or doing work. It’s important to have a good balance.
Maura: Right. We do have a lot of workaholics though, especially with technology and having a smartphone with you all the time. But more and more, people are realizing that it’s not healthy for you to work that much. You have to have a little bit of play time.
Harp: Exactly. You have to have downtime, time to relax and just enjoy life and not think about work.
Maura: Now, I know that there are some things that the workplace, or someone’s particular place of employment, is doing to make it easier for people to have a better balance between their work and their personal life.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

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Flex time Telecommuting
Water cooler talk Perks vs. benefits
On site To unwind
A lifer A thin line
To raise a red flag To downsize

Podcast/ Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Photo: © Royalty-Free/Corbis

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  1.' maria mora says:

    maria mora:

    I think it is not good to be workaholic beacause maybe produce some effect in the health , I am agree that people have to be balance in the work and in the free time to deveploment some things that the people enjoys like dancing, swimming , reading,etc, It mean that create the balance in the life.
    I think to some work are more hurt thar other like doctors, nurses, policemen, body guards that require to spend more time in her works in these case I think the moment that they share with theirs families it mus be of quality and special.

  2.' lina accad says:

    i love this learning materials so much , they r awesome ,

  3.' Stuart schwartz says:

    i love the work you do on culips. It is of a very high quality. In this episode, the pronunciation of Silicon Valley sounds like Silicone Valley, which would be quite a different place, don’t you think?

    Continued success.


  4.' Zoloo says:

    Hi, it it’s so nice to hear these current trends in the workplace which sounds too far away in Mongolia where is located at Central Asia, between Russia and China. Firstly, i agree with you to keep the balance between work time and life time, mean don’t be a workaholic as you mentioned. Secondly, to be honest in here everything is different even opposite. Most of employer try to supervise their employees with non flexible working hours, they still believe that employee who always come to work earlier than others and leave the office late is a very good worker. And then they demand all employees must follow this stupid and tradional rules and even try to evaluate result of their work by this strict working hours unfortunately.
    Thirdly, there might be a few employers who provide extra perks to their employees. Most employees never enjoy such perks including discount membership of gym and special place where employees can relax during lunch or other appropriate time. In fact, my employee provided us a room furnished some equipment for physical exercises in last year, but in reality it is very difficult to go to there during lunch time or other appropriate time. it is because time limit.
    Fourthly, about changing jobs. Past beleifs still exists in here. Employer believe that it is not so good to change work very often. they think if somebody who has stayed one work for a while, that person is very good employee etc.
    Finally thanks for this interesting information and I really wanna show this episode to those who do not know how to treat their employees correctly. i wanna make them to perceive current trends in the workplace is changing rapidly as you mentioned.


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