She has a bun in the oven

She has a bun in the oven

In this episode, Maura’s friend Melanie visits to talk about slang terms for being pregnant. Melanie is a bit of an expert on this topic, because she’s pregnant herself! There are tons of expressions to talk about being pregnant. Some of them are polite and some of them are a little bit rude. But don’t worry; Maura and Melanie will explain which are which. If you’re in the family way, you’ll especially enjoy listening to this episode.

Maura Harp

Maura: So the first one is to have a bun in the oven.
Melanie: To have a bun in the oven.
Maura: Right. To have a bun in the oven. And this expression means that someone is pregnant. If you think of it this way, the bun is the baby and the oven is the womb, or the woman’s body. And, so, if someone has a bun in the oven, this means that they’re pregnant.
Melanie: It’s kind of a cute expression. I can picture the little bun in the oven getting bigger and bigger and growing to a full-sized bun.
Maura: Right, just like a baby. Right now it’s still kind of small in your belly I’m sure and it will continue to grow.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

A giveaway Morning sickness
Nesting To glow
To have a bun in the oven The womb
Preggers Magazines at the supermarket
To put two and two together To be knocked up
To be in the family way; to be with child; to be expecting What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Podcast/ Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Photo: ©Culips

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