This episode’s a nail-biter

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This episode is a nailbiter

Some movies and television shows can be very tense and dramatic, and we’ve got a handful of expressions to talk about them. This episode’s all about the exciting things we see on screen or read in books that keep us wanting to know more and make us anxious to find out the results. Check out this episode and we promise that we won’t leave you hanging!

Maura Harp

Harp: And this expression comes from this, because people usually bite their nails when they’re nervous or they’re anxious, so that’s where this expression comes from. So you don’t actually need to bite your nails to use this expression.
Maura: Right. We can call anything that makes us nervous or anxious a nail-biter, something that we want to see the results of.
Harp: Yeah. So if you’re reading a book and you really wanna know what the ending is, it’s a nail-biter. Or if you’re watching a competition and you wanna know who wins, it’s a nail-biter.
Maura: Right. Especially when it’s very exciting and we can’t wait to see what the resolution is going to be.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

A nail-biter To be tied
A cliff-hanger A soap opera
A trilogy/a sequel Closure
A page-turner I got you a little something
You shouldn’t have A bookworm
To not want to put a book down

Podcast/ Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Photo: ©BetaCup

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  1.' João says:

    Can we listen to it only if we’re a member? I simply couldn’t find a place or symbol to clic on and listen to the largely announced podcast! Will you give me any guidance? Thanks in advance.

    1. Culips says:

      You need not be a member to listen to the podcast. Just click on play button next to each episode, but being a member has its own advantages of learning material and a lot a lot more!!!

  2. Culips says:

    You can also subscribe to our podcast channel on iTunes at

  3.' Taowimae says:

    I am a jungle trekking in the north of Thailand…..I met many different countries tourists…..I like to speak english very much….I liked to speak it when i was young…….until now….I want to be agood english speaker and want to use the correst words,too…But i still using incorrest english words in my english speakking… if i want to be use a correst english and be agood speaker how can i do that????This programe is very good for me and who wants to learn english… i would like this programe have long long time and want to every one to see it and improve more english from it,too….I like it and want to say thank you for this programe……

  4. Harp says:

    Hi Taowimae,
    Thanks for your kind words! Remember, practice makes perfect! So don’t feel shy, just keep trying and you will improve.
    Good luck!
    Harp, Culips English Podcast


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